What Coaching Is

  • Coaching is a collaborative partnership between the client and the coach, where the coach supports the client in creating fulfilling results in both their personal and professional lives…
  • Coaching creates a framework where you get to regularly work on the most important areas of your life as defined by yourself.
  • Coaching creates an environment where you get to consolidate, to integrate, to think and to move forward.
  • Coaches are active collaborators. The relationship is integral with the purpose of meeting the needs and desires of the client.
  • Coaching is aimed at supporting the client to gain the right momentum for them to create their own “magic” in their life …
  • Coaching allows us to look at where you are today and what you are willing to do to get where you want to be at the end of the identified number of sessions…

What Coaching Isn’t

  • Mentoring
  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Therapy

Everybody can benefit from coaching since it provides a safe, non-threatening opportunity to access within yourself the resources and solutions that you need to create a successful life that you love. Coaching is for those who have a desire for a better quality of life but are not sure where to start to create it for themselves…

Some benefits include but not limited to:-

  • Improved confidence and self-belief in a way that supports building one’s “personal power”
  • Confidently acknowledging your self-worth
  • Formation of long-term habits that support ongoing goal achievement as well as the ability to continually create your own “magic”…
  • The ability to maintain your own momentum that keeps you centered and being in love with your own life…
  • Greater self-awareness and presence
  • Improved performance and efficiency
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • Improved communication

The value of coaching for “sustainable living” and a life to love is to be mindful that this a personal journey “custom built” exclusively for you (the client), the experience is unique and one of a kind for each individual.

With that in mind it’s the personal journey that makes the coaching experience so rich, valuable and memorable and makes it so worthwhile in investing in yourself…

“99% of individuals who have had a life coach report it was helpful for them, with 95% of those reporting that it’s been very helpful to them. In all, 96% reported that they would engage in coaching services again…”
ICF 2009 Global Coaching Client study

“The average person can see a return on investment of 344% from coaching and businesses can expect to see a 700% return on investment from coaching”
ICF 2009 Global Coaching Client study

Personal Development Coaching

One on One coaching that focuses on carefully chosen areas for personal growth in 6 to 12 sessions over 3 to 6 months.

Career or Business Coaching

One on One coaching that supports the business woman/ career woman to focus specifically on her business or career in 6 to 12 sessions over 3 to 6 months.

Coaching Structure

One on one coaching journey or thinking conversations in 6 to 12 sessions over 3 to 6 months.

Thinking Partnerships

One on one thinking conversations to explore an opportunity, a focus area or work through a dilemma.


Have a workshop to work on a common goal/ objective/ area with a “neutral” person to facilitate your time together.

Motivational/ Public Speaking

If you are looking for someone to give a talk in the area of personal development, I would love to explore this further with you.


  • “Getting answers out of me even though I didn’t know I had the answers!” “You guided me in the right direction without telling me how to actually do something through guidance, support and encouragement.” “You believed I could achieve my goals even when I didn’t think I could!” “I will never be able to thank you enough for all you have done for me.” “You have given me an opportunity to better myself and regain what I had lost. I honestly feel like I’ve turned over a new tree! I really enjoyed our sessions together” “Your valuable life skills that you taught me all those years ago are still playing a part in my everyday life. You have added huge value to my life and I will be forever grateful.”
    Business Owner
    Beauty Therapy
  • “Last year (2014) was a difficult one for me, I was in a work environment that I had been in for many years but was no longer being fulfilled. I longed to give this up and open my Kinesiology Practice but I was extremely fearful. This is when I decided to go to Jackie for Life Coaching. After our very first session I learnt exactly what I was fearful of and what was holding me back. Jackie challenged me to look deep within myself to see where the real hesitation was. With each progressing session I became more and more confident in my own abilities and I found I was excited for my next venture! Jackie has an amazing ability to get you to face your own obstacles without putting her own thoughts in. She helps you bring out what is hidden within and explore options that you had not even thought of. She is intuitive without being forceful, a quality that is rare to find. I would highly recommend Jackie to anyone looking for guidance on a work change, project or even if you simply want to get to know yourself better. Thank you Jackie for all that you have done for me! You truly have a remarkable gift.”
    Specialised Kinesiologist
  • Jackie uplifted and challenged my thoughts in my personal life and tremendously in my business, to help guide and challenge me to make valuable changes to grow and "stretch" me and my business to reach greater heights. I have Jackie to thank for helping me to put my thoughts into action to allow me to bring so many amazing changes and inspiration into my very special business. I'm a better leader and a more confident business woman! Jackie believed in me, encouraged me, gave me such valuable feedback about seeing things from a new perspective and helped me to set sights on new exciting horizons. I am grateful for Jackie putting her time, skill and dedication into my school and personal life. If you looking for change and improvements in your life and/or business I without doubt would recommend this incredible lady, Jacqueline Warner as your Personal Development Coach. Jackie is all about challenging YOU to create an action plan that moves you forward from where you are to where you want to be!  
    Owner and Principal
    Hakuna Matata Preschool
  • “Probing me in the right places to help me come up with and realise my own answers…” “Thank you! I never thought I would do it, it has certainly changed my outlook on some aspects of my life” “Jackie is one of the most selfless down to earth people you will ever have the honour of meeting. Jackie has been instrumental in keeping me on track through the hardships I have had to endure. The support and unobjective feedback never runs out. I know my discussions with Jackie are always respected and safe. I really enjoyed my sessions I had with Jackie and encourage anyone to take the amazing and rewarding journey with her. It is life changing.”
    PPC Operations Executive
  • “You have allowed me to give myself a precious gift that does not age or disappear with time but rather grows with every passing day. A gift than can even bloom in winter.” “The life skills that you have helped me develop, help me appreciate the good times and stable me through the hard times.” “I am growing and developing into the person I always hoped I would be and the skills I have with me thanks to our coaching, build my foundation.” “Again thank you for an amazing journey and a generous gift. I will always appreciate the time we shared.” “The world changes positively with people like you, who inspire people like me.”
    Customer Representative
    Telecommunications Company

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